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Date Added:15 April, 2013

Author: Gerhard Doerjer

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In its window, the applet shows images, html pages and animations with several options: 1. images with comments: for each image a corresponding text is shown. The navigation buttons are activated or inactivated in response to the action of the user and the loading progress. 2. rows of images with one text page: images are shown automatically as they are loaded. The navigation buttons remain inactivated. When the last image is shown also the free navigation is activated. 3. Animations: the images may be shown in fast sequence. The speed is regulated by the applet parameter "Pause". Depending to the computer system a limit is reached when other processes have to stop the animation to often. The animation is started with start button and stopped with the reactivated stop button. Both navigation buttons are not visible during the animation. During the animation, additional optimization is provided by a slider . 4. All combinations of the following options are allowed: a) images with comments / rows of images b) animation / no animation. Therefore four main variants of presentation are possible. 5. Decorations (titels and borders) may be removed which result an enlarged text part of the window with a more functional impression of the applet window. 6. Customizing the applet window: All headings and most colors of the applet window may be set to individual choices. The end user obtains any information about the kind of presentation, the number of files and the total volume of transmission. He may stop the transmission at any time and still use all data stored at this time. An English version of the applet is accessible by installing a different class from the same jar- archive: <applet code="MicroShow.class" archive="mikroschau.jar">.
Requirements: actual java plugin for internet browser

Systems: Linux, Not Applicable, Unix, Windows CE, MAC 68k, Mac PPC, Win 3.1x, Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows 2000

Tags: java applet   applet window   images   html pages   animation  

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